Bernard Borie

Who’s Bernard Borie?

About the agency

A young introvert by the name of Bernard Borie once got caught up in a fortuitous turn of events… and it just sparked things off! Thus I lived a few experiences as a comedian. Gradually, I became familiar with multiple and various aspects of the entertainment business: writer for magazines (some of which I created myself), screenwriter for television, cinema and even photo novels, but also assistant director and director of a TV pilot.

Meanwhile grew my interest for actors themselves, as well as their sensibility and psychology. The opportunities of putting actors friends of mine in touch with directors presented themselves more and more often. As a result, almost in spite of me and in addition to my other works was born the agency, "Bernard Borie Management".

Ever since, my constant objective has been to find real talents to promote and guide them, but also to support and listen to them. Dialogue is essential to me: I can only evolve with people whom I follow very closely professionally, therefore meeting them on a regular basis.

As such, more than just an agent, I also try to be a coach and a manager. It’s in that perspective that I represent a group of professional comedians for television, cinema and publicity, as well as theatre, musicals, etc.

Besides, what a delight to close a deal for which we sometimes have fought tremendously, and be able to approach negotiation – the fun part of the job. I consider a fair negotiation an agreement that satisfies all the parties and will provide the actor with the determination to give the best of himself.

As we all know, things are not easy. Therefore, in order to succeed, I have a simple and effective war cry: "Never give up!"

Behind the mails, web and mobile phones, to carry out a job that’s above all a matter of humanity, the best tools remain humor, derision and enjoyment. For we mustn’t forget the fundamental: acting is a passionate profession. And passions are to be heightened, nurtured, and, if necessary, revived! Yes, sir!